Twins? What?

go-crazy-and-have-twinsSo my wife Kim and I are having twins.

I feel like I should be nervous, or apprehensive. I, however, feel neither of those things.

She’s actually 32 weeks pregnant (as of yesterday) with a girl and a boy. Otherwise known as…nope. No names just yet. Right now they are simply known as Baby A and Baby B.

We know the names, but we are choosing to withhold this information until after they are born. Mainly to annoy people like my mother (she likes being teased).

Anyway, I should be nervous, no? I feel like I should have the shakes and gnawed my finger nails down to the cuticle by now.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I think this is going to be easy. I’m not sitting here all, “I got this!”, far from it. I realize it’s going to be hard. I’m going to be tired, very, very tired and I’m going to be more busy than I have ever been in my 32 years (I’m 32, by the way).

And still, I don’t feel emotionally crushed by this.

On the contrary, I feel excited. I cannot wait for them to be here. Well, I can wait from the standpoint that I want them to stay in there and cook until ready. No early birds for me. I’d prefer them to come right home with us as soon as their mother is.

Maybe me even questioning myself on whether I should be nervous, or not, is actually proof that I am? Like a double-reverse?

Maybe those two little growing dwarf people are sucking the life from my brain by proxy, like they are my wife’s brain for real.

(Fun fact – A pregnant woman’s brain actually physically shrinks and takes about six months to bounce back!)

All I know is she has very little space left to grow them. Her real estate is rapidly decreasing.

Her belly button is an inny, but now it’s trying to be an outy.

Her poor uterus….oh….her poor uterus. That sumbitch is stretched much further than it would like to be.

She can’t sleep on her back, or her stomach (clearly).

So, what I’m trying to say is, her body is getting close to giving it’s two occupants an eviction notice, “Please leave premises IMMEDIATELY!”

The one thing that does makes me nervous is something I’d much rather avoid (and hopefully we will). Our only other time trying this Kim was ready to give birth vaginally, but due to various reasons it ended up being an emergency C-section.

Our doctor (Dr. Kulbida, husband of Lydia) gave us the rundown and our options and we’re down for the repeat C-section. No playing games this time!

We were informed during this run down that women pregnant with twins have a 50% chance of going into labor between 32 and 36 weeks (yikes..) and that if she by chance makes it to 38 weeks a C-section will be scheduled right then.

Okay, so maybe realizing I have no more than six weeks left until I go from a father of one to a father of three (WTF?) is a tiny, little bit nerve-racking.

Still excited though!


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