The first born’s school Christmas concert

So despite the awesome weather we were having Will’s school went on with their Christmas concert.

It was timed perfectly at 10:30 AM.

Ah, it was fine. I didn’t drive my pregnant wife shimmied her twinderful belly behind the wheel.

Anyway, I was in charge of taking the video of our boy in action. He was pumped. We were pumped.

Then we watched the video and my lovely wife turned to my son and said, “Mommy will take the video next time.”

And so without further adieu (fyi – he’s right on the other side of the boy with the brown coat, he’s there, trust me);

Twins? What?

go-crazy-and-have-twinsSo my wife Kim and I are having twins.

I feel like I should be nervous, or apprehensive. I, however, feel neither of those things.

She’s actually 32 weeks pregnant (as of yesterday) with a girl and a boy. Otherwise known as…nope. No names just yet. Right now they are simply known as Baby A and Baby B.

We know the names, but we are choosing to withhold this information until after they are born. Mainly to annoy people like my mother (she likes being teased).

Anyway, I should be nervous, no? I feel like I should have the shakes and gnawed my finger nails down to the cuticle by now. Continue reading